Claiming for Delayed Flights

What can Blueway ( do for you?

With our extensive knowledge and expertise and using our sophisticated flight data systems, Blueway will manage the entire flight delay claim process on your behalf from submitting the original claim and relevant documents to the airline according to EC regulation, to dealing with all responses from the airline, to appealing to the relevant governing/aviation body against any initial negative decision from the airline regarding the claim for any delayed flights, to initiating and completing any legal/court action against the airline to reclaim your monies, to finally obtaining your payment from the airline. We have a team of legal professionals, IT and aviation specialists who are dedicated to recovering the claim for a delayed flight. They also assist on claiming for re-routed flights.

Historical flight data and weather reports

Based upon our collection of historical flight data and weather statistics, we will initially advise you on the validity of your claim and then start and finish the claim process on your behalf. By presenting the right burden of proof to the airline and by following the correct legal steps we have the vast experience to ensure the claiming process for flight delay is successful. Furthermore our help will significantly increase the probability of a successful claim.

How to Claim for Flight Delays?

With Blueway you can find out whether you are entitled to financial compensation for your flight delay that has taken place in the last 6 years. Please enter some basic data into our simple to use flight table here such as your flight number (optional), approximate date of flight, origin and destination airports, the names of additional passengers that you wish to claim for, and your email address. After checking your historical flight details in our intricate flight data systems and technologies, we will immediately confirm to you by email whether your claim for flight delays should be compensated by the airline and the amount we will flight delay claim for you and we will then ask you to email us some very simple additional information about your flight so that we can begin claiming for flight delay process on your behalf. You will then be sent your own unique case reference number (that you can use to contact us at any time for progress on your claim). We then control the whole claim action on your behalf from start through to finish until you successfully receive payment.

What are the costs involved while Claiming for Flight Delays?

We work on a strictly “no win, no fee” basis that means you do not have to pay any up front costs at all. We only take a small commission once payment has been received from the airline – we take just 25% + VAT & £25pp of any monies reclaimed for you which is far cheaper than any of our competitors – whilst you will receive the remaining amount. There are no hidden fees and no costs for you to pay even if in the very unlikely event our claim on your behalf is unsuccessful.
So there really is nothing to lose by instructing our specialists at Blueway to act for you.

At Blueway, with our vast knowledge and expertisein knowing how to claim for delayed flights, we will get your money to you as quickly as possible. The airlines know that companies like us understand their process which is why it’s good to have us represent you when claiming for flight delays.

If the airline denies the claim, Blueway will determine whether it’s still possible to retrieve compensation. We will handle the entire flight delay claims process to ensure a successful payout. An average person, might feel uncertain of a positive outcome and give up.
But, Blueway won’t give up until every means is exhausted in the successful claiming for a delayed flight process.

So don’t delay, contact Blueway today!